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How to be a Role Model of Christian Living

          St. Paul wrote:  “God is faithful, and by Him you were called to fellowship with His Son,

Jesus Christ our Lord.”  1 Corinthians 1:9

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frasatti:   An exciting role model of how realistic it is to live like a saint in this third Christian millenium.

1.  He lived out the Beatitudes and virtues.

2.  He participated in Catholic groups and organizations.

Am I living like a saint?  

The three questions that you can ask yourself.

1.  Do I love Jesus and the Catholic faith?

2.  Am I living a life of the Beatitudes and with Catholic virtues?

3.  Am I active with a cause of the Catholic faith?

What are the Steps of Canonization?

Servant of God, Venerable, Blessed, Canonized.

This involves the process of the Congregation for Cause of Saints.

Who is given the title Servant of God?

Servant of God:  The title given to someone whose cause for canonization has been initiated with the approval of the Vatican.

How does a person get the title Venerable?

Venerable:  The title given to a servant of God by the Pope when the Congregation for Causes of Saints has determined that the person has lived the Christian virtues to a heroic degree.

How does a person get the title Blessed?

Blessed:  The second step is beatification, which allows the person to be honored by a particular group or region.  In order to beatify a candidate, it must bge shown that the person is responsible for a posthumous miracle.

How does a person become Caononized as a Saint?

Canonized as a Saint:  The third step for the candidate to be considered a saint is that there must be proof of a second posthumous miracle.  If there is, the person is canonized.


“The saints, all those who have followed in the footsteps of Christ the Lord

And by His grace have made their lives holy.”

Catechism of the Catholic Church

“The saints have always been the source and origin of renewal

In the most difficult moments in the Church’s history.”

~ Pope John Paul II

“Love God, serve God:  everything is in that.”

~ St. Clare of Assisi

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