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The communion of saints is the fellowship of all who live in Christ;

this includes not only the pilgrim Church on earth but

also those who have gone before us in faith

(the saints in heaven and the souls undergoing purification in purgatory).

                                                                                              ~ Fr. Thomas Kocik

Everyone in the world is called to be a saint.

Saints are just like you and I. They’re ordinary people who lived ordinary lives but at some point they made the heroic decision to follow Jesus Christ. The word saint comes from the word
sanctus in Latin, which means holy.

"One of the great things that we have when we speak about the Communion of Saints, is realizing these are countless numbers of men and women who we can turn to. It’s not just one but it’s a countless number that in every aspect of their life there is something we can learn from. Just like we can learn from a particular person both in their strengths and their struggles then when we turn to the communion of saints in prayer and in just reading the lives of the saints we can also see that things they struggle with, I struggle with. Some of the great saints had certain struggles they never fully overcame and that gives us hope as well because sometimes our pride wants to say I should be perfect in everything, well no, that we can be saints and yet not be perfect as long as we’re striving to respond to God.

“The youth too, by striving with their faith, by trying to live heroically, they participate in that communion of saints. And that they have those great heroes of God who have gone before us trying to help them just as much. No matter how old they are they have these saints, these heroes really spurring them on, you know, wanting them, because they know what God can do when someone really responds in trust. And so this army of heroes is also praying for our youth that they really continue to learn how to trust in God in whatever state they are, wherever God moves them. God can do great things with them." ~ Fr. Kevin Cook

"A saint would want to say yes to God’s will just in imitation of Christ saying not My will but Thine be done. That’s always done not so much in a dutiful way but in a way of love just like we naturally say yes to those we love. The most important quality is sanctity comes in a person who experiences just how deeply loved he is by God and wants to reciprocate and respond. Teenagers begin on that path to sanctity by just recognizing who they are. That they were made out of God’s love with a great dignity. A call to be a saint, a call to tremendous loving. Life giving communion with the Lord. Not just in heaven later but right now. Second thing that they need to do is to recognize that if God calls them to sanctity that He’s going to give them all the means that they need. Some of the times these aren’t the means they’d ask for. It might be parents who are tough on them, it might be teachers who are tough on them. It might be challenges with their physical health or of some weaknesses here and there, the crosses that pop up in anybody’s life. A lot of the time we’re trained almost to run away from those, rather than to embrace them because it is in the day to day struggles that God allows us to experience that the Lord wants to make us saints. Many times young people do not realize that the computer screen on which they do their homework or notebook is meant to be an alter on which they are able to give themselves over to God and God is able to take their offering and multiply it just like he did with those five loaves and two fish given to Him by a young boy to feed a multitude of 5,000 men and women. If young people recognize that it’s the day to day life that they have the opportunity to give of themselves over to God. The Lord will take that gift multiply them and hand it back to them sanctifying them and their work in the process." ~ Father Roger Landry

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